Stephanie Smart is a business development coach for wellness professionals, energy medicine Instructor, author, speaker, and founder of the Truth Speakers Movement.

Stephanie is hold’s degrees in Oriental Medicine and Business Management, is an Ortho-Bionomy Instructor, Reiki Master, and has studied energy work and Shamanism for over 30 years. She is an experienced corporate business trainer, intuitive, and wellness professional who has been teaching workshops and speaking for over 25 years.

Stephanie incorporates the wisdom she has learned as a survivor of childhood abuse, raising gifted special needs kids, and being a recovering alcoholic and drug addict into her speaking engagements, workshops, and in working with private clients.

Stephanie empowers others to reconnect with their own inner wisdom and learn to recognize their Soul Songs, gain clarity on the paths they want in life, develop actions steps, and begin the process of creating a life that has them dancing with joy.

They become Truth Speakers embodying the notes of their Soul Song in their actions, words, and beliefs.

Stephanie is the author of Soul Song Dancing, has been featured in numerous podcasts including Life Transformation Radio, Pride Connections, Activate Bold Choices Radio, and Dreams for Society. Stephanie is the author of Soul Song Dancing.

Stephanie’s focus is on remembering who we are at our core and integrating that into everything we do in our lives and our businesses. Speaking our truths and living our legacy.

Stephanie often tells this story from her last day as a corporate trainer.

“I was sitting in my office on the phone with my boss who was yelling at me at high volume. In the middle of his tirade I heard a voice ask me

If today were the last day you have on this Earth, would you be happy with the legacy you left?

I quit my job that day.

I knew in every single part of me that I wasn’t fully living my legacy.”

Today, Stephanie teaches people how to answer Yes to this question.