Laughing Dragon Coaching is a place for discovering the notes of your Soul Song so that you can embody them in your everyday life with ease, joy, and abundance as a Truth Speaker.

Allowing yourself the grace, love, and dignity to settle into your powerful inner wisdom says YES to a life of your choosing.

A life filled with the things that are important to you, not someone else.

A life created with a solid foundation of the core non-negotiables of your Soul.

These are the notes of your Soul Song. You were born with them. They are you. You knew them and embodied them as a child (and maybe as an adult). Somewhere along the way, you have set these golden nuggets of your Soul aside in order to be an adult, be a parent, a student, a ???.

I know because I have been there. Working 80 hours a week. Completely stressed but carrying on because I actually loved the work I was doing. Then one day my career as a corporate trainer took a major turn. I was sitting in my office on the phone with my boss who was yelling at me at high volume. In the middle of his tirade I heard a voice ask me

If today were the last day you have on this Earth, would you be happy with the legacy you left?

I quit my job that day.

It was a turning point or a cross roads in my life. We all have them. It is the choices we make at these crossroads that define our life. You are at one of those now. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading my website and wondering about Soul Songs, speaking your truth, and what the heck laughing dragons has to do with anything!

It is time for you to choose the path forward.

Walk it with me or get some assistance from someone else. Say yes to yourself.

If today were the last day you have on this Earth, would you be happy with the legacy you left?

You CAN have a life where you answer  this questions with a yes, every single day.

You are not alone.

You are already WHOLE.

You are Magical and Powerful.

It’s time to remember who you are and to speak your truths.

It’s time to say YES to yourself.

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